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Personal Purchases at Garage Sales

Another great advantage of searching at garage sales for things to resell is that you occasionally encounter things that are very useful to you at amazing prices. Besides buying things for personal consumption, you can also buy items that help out your reselling business. Here’s a list of some of the stuff I’ve purchased for myself at garage sales:

Panasonic 5.8Ghz Gigarange Cordless Phone System – $10, normal price $50

image Having finally installed a “house phone” using MagicJack, I needed a phone system that could operate multiple handsets through one line. These Panasonic sets make perfect resale items as they are truly industry-standard phones in high demand – they have great signal, handset integration, and features. Long before the MagicJack I picked up one set for $25 that I sold for $200. So if you need a cordless phone (or could use an upgrade), grab one of these sets and save yourself a lot of money.

SonicScrubber Motorized Grout Brush – $1, normal price $15

Not only is this useful for actually cleaning grouts, but it’s useful for cleaning up grimy stuff I find at garage sales. Put your favorite light cleaner on this thing and save yourself a lot of uncomfortable scrubbing. This lets me get a nice cleaning in deep crevices effortlessly, making the product seem much fresher and nicer to the buyer when he receives it.

Via Spiga Italian Loafers – $5, normal price ~$80

I needed some loafers for my consulting job and for semi-formal events, but was procrastinating because I didn’t want to shell out the cash. I was at an empty sale when a very aggressive garage salesperson brought them to my attention (actually  one of the few scenarios where this was less annoying than useful). They turned out to be my size and in great condition. It might as well have been $75 right in my pocket.

HoMedics Professional Percussion Massager-Model PA-100 – $3, normal price $20-$40

One thing you’ll find a lot of at garage sales are massage implements, footbaths, and other Homedics products that you know were exchanged at family Christmas Eve dinner. If they’re high-end enough they make good resale items. You also have the chance to get some “Sharper Image”-type massage action at a great price in your house. Just beware the cheapy stuff.

TecnoVap Tosca 100 Commercial Steam Cleaner – $50, normal price $300-$1000

That’s a pretty big range for price, but since this is a professional steam cleaner from an international company, it doesn’t really have a direct eBay market. I only found a retail price of $1000.


I was really thrilled to encounter this thing; in fact, I didn’t even realize how great it was when I was at the sale – I just told the owner I might be interested and ended up coming back later in the week to buy it after doing some research.

Now that I have this thing at home, it’s fundamentally changed the way I clean. For one, I’m far less reliant on chemical cleaners which I figured weren’t good for me to be breathing in for an hour at close proximity while I was deep cleaning. But besides that, its cleaning power is very strong. It took out stains that I thought were going to exist forever off my tiles and carpet. After cleaning my bathroom tile grout, I was surprised to see that my grouts were actually white. My house is now a disinfected paradise, without all the Lysol carcinogens floating around. Discovering just this alone almost makes the whole garage sale enterprise worth it.


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