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The Ending to Treasure Island Was Pretty Bad…

April 24th, 2010 1 comment

Seriously, what’s up with the ending to Treasure Island (by Robert Louis Stevenson)? I understand that it’s the seminal text for pirate clichés. The novel was also pretty good throughout, especially for a children’s book from the 19th-century. But given how the character of Long John Silver is built throughout the book – an outwardly amiable, seasoned seaman who actually ruthlessly conspires to secure the treasure for himself – they dismiss him at the end of the story in the most retarded way.

The “pirate” faction loses too many lives, and Long John Silver ends up “teaming up” with the “good guys” against the remaining 4 pirates. Then, the book abruptly ends with the protagonist and the other good guys getting all the treasure and living happily ever after. As for Silver, the novel’s supervillain? He disappears with a small bag of gold. And that’s it.

Way to take it lying down Long John. Jeez.

(P.S. Why is a grown man like myself reading Treasure Island, you might ask? Just broadening my horizons (plus it was in one of those free “Classics” book apps on the iPhone))

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