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I’m a graduate of Florida International University, where I earned an MA in Economics, and BAs in Economics, Philosophy, and Political Science, with a math minor. I’m earning PhD in Economics at Michigan State University in Fall 2010.

I’m currently blogging about scrapping about to make money, specifically through reselling items found at garage sales on eBay. So you could say that this is a “garage sale blog.” <- As you can see, my mastery of SEO is quite rudimentary. The rest of my website was originally for me to blog about a variety of topics, but I’ve now turned it into an article database of summaries geared toward students writing academic papers (except the Reviews section).

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  1. danny
    September 13th, 2009 at 08:30 | #1

    I don’t like this. Yu don’t realize the culcher and diversidy of the Latin community, but you cridesize people for being “ignorent” i believe it is YOU that are ignaront!!

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